The Spoofy Story


Spoofy WEBSITES was started by Riaan Wessels and is based in Brackenfell. From 2012 to early 2015 he was instrumental in launching several startups. Each startup had all the expertise and skills needed to create a credible business but when it came to representing these businesses online, somehow it always ended up being complicated, expensive and not quite what was needed. What was needed was a simple and affordable website that could change and grow as the startup changed and grew. The overwhelming amount of website design and hosting options made it difficult to make the right choice, without getting stuck with one company or designer, not to mention the costs of upgrading or editing the website. So Riaan set out to learn how to create a simple and cost effective website himself. After a few years of leopard crawling, Spoofy WEBSITES was born. Now you are able to rely on Spoofy WEBSITES to not only simplify the process but also be your online partner. Make the best choice for your small business and subscribe today.

Spoofy WEBSITES is based in Brackenfell at 3 Athena street, Ferndale Park. Direct line is +27641701866

A Spoofy WEBSITE is a professional, practical, modern website that can generate more exposure for your business because of the software used to create it. A Spoofy WEBSITE has the potential to expand as your business expands and look good enough while in its basic form to satisfy international clients. Having a Spoofy WEBSITE means you get to reap the benefits of years of past and ongoing research into the world of the interwebs. Having a Spoofy WEBSITE means that you can access and edit your own website if you wanted to (yes there is a learning curve but we’re here as backup) and add specials, create new landing pages for short campaigns and much more. Getting a Spoofy WEBSITE means you’re smart, hip and serious about your business.

At Spoofy WEBSITES we focus on small businesses that don’t have a website and tend to use free options available on the internet. If you already have a website and wish to transfer it we will accommodate your request if you allow us to rebuild it with new modern software. There is a transfer fee involved and it depends on the technicalities of the process. If you use a Gmail account then it’s perhaps you’d like to add a website to your list of online tools. If you don’t have a Facebook page we will create that for you too. At Spoofy WEBSITES we want to make sure you look good online. We hope to be of service to you soon.