Most Affordable Websites in Town

The R99/m Offer

A small business or startup generally has to operate on a shoestring budget. With the R99/m offer you are able to present a professional online presence at a super affordable rate. Spoofy Websites will create the entire website for you. So much is included in this offer. Its the best option that we know of in Africa to get you started online. And once you need to grow your audience, a Spoofy Website is perfectly poised to do just that. HIT the subscribe button, fill in your bank details, answer the questionnaire and get your business the online credibility it deserves. (No contract, no setup fees and no hidden costs).


The Annual Offer

If you feel more comfortable paying annually then hit the Pay Now button. It includes all that’s on offer on the R99/m special but at an annual rate, which is R99 x 12 months. If you have a Capitec Savings card you might have to opt for this offer since they don’t allow monthly online debits. If you have any doubts please email us and we will phone you.


The Strategy Offer

A website with clout…To rank on Google, to be noticed, to grow online…you need to commit to a solid online strategy. At R2499 per month we ensure that you adhere to all the rules of the “Google Game”. From the speed of the website to SEO, we got you covered. We also take a portion of the monthly fee and spend it on exposure for your website across appropriate social media platforms. With regular strategy meetings we keep you informed about the performance of your website. This is a month to month payment structure however in order to reap rewards we highly recommend committing to at least 6 months.


The High Traffic Offer

A website on steroids…we get traffic to your website, which means more customers. If you’re serious about increasing the turnover of your business then you need to take charge online. Advertising on Google is key to growth. At R4995 per month we ensure that you dominate online in your area and in your field of expertise. This is a month to month payment structure however in order to reap rewards we highly recommend committing to at least 6 months. From keyword planning, SEO, AdWords, regular strategy meetings and more…we got you covered.


The Ecommerce Offer

Selling online…Selling your products or service online can change your life. This is an ‘all-in’ commitment. Your website needs to be robust, the sales process needs to facilitate turnover, you need to market online like its your legacy at stake. For every successful small online business, there are thousands who are procrastinating this obvious upgrade. An Ecommerce website will struggle to grow on ‘word of mouth’ marketing alone.  The website needs SEO, Adwords and all manner of online marketing strategies. We charge a setup fee of R7495 and a monthly fee of R4995. So before you commit, ensure you include these amounts in your budget because you need to know what your turnover needs to be in order to cover this unavoidable running expense.


Let’s Chat

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So how do you get started?

The very first step is to subscribe to our service. (Click on the relevant button on the above pricing table) You will be invited to make a secure online payment. This will be a monthly debit. After that you will be directed to a questionnaire that takes two minutes to complete. Please fill it in. Next we will start an email correspondence.  Steps in brief: 1. We buy a domain name for you 2. Create an under construction page and then 3. We build your website behind the scenes and publish it once you’re happy.

The pricing table is a partial list of what to expect. But there is much more than a list of items to tick off. We invest our years of experience into you and your website. We will give you advice on a wide range of online applications. We believe in business relationships. So signing up with Spoofy WEBSITES means more than getting a cool website. We look forward to being of service to you. Dont hesitate to sign up. Do it today.