Most Affordable Websites in Town

So how do you get started?

The very first step is to subscribe to our service. (Click on the relevant button on the above pricing table) You will be invited to make a secure online payment. This will be a monthly debit. After that you will be directed to a questionnaire that takes two minutes to complete. Please fill it in. Next we will start an email correspondence.  Steps in brief: 1. We buy a domain name for you 2. Create an under construction page and then 3. We build your website behind the scenes and publish it once you’re happy.

The pricing table is a partial list of what to expect. But there is much more than a list of items to tick off. We invest our years of experience into you and your website. We will give you advice on a wide range of online applications. We believe in business relationships. So signing up with Spoofy WEBSITES means more than getting a cool website. We look forward to being of service to you. Dont hesitate to sign up. Do it today.